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Hawking the Goods

A couple ads shared by falconers on NAFEX:




LolHawkz pic of the day, new stuff

I’m a visual person, so I know that blocks of nothing but text can get a bit boring…so I took my cell phone out with me to visit Freyja. She complied with a yawn…yeah, the moult is full of excitement.

I’ve added some new links and cleaned up the categories. I was bummed to find out that Falconry Today has gone the way of the dodo–I’d enjoyed checking in to see the collected news stories focusing on raptors. Oh well, hopefully it will be back someday?

There’s a lot of good stuff with which to waste a rainy afternoon, so I hope you enjoy!


Spectacled Owl, Brazil. Photographer: Nunes D'Acosta Image from Owl Pages

Get your attention? Ha, thought so.

I remember the Great Horned Owl that used to hang out on my dad’s HAM radio antennae back when I was a kid. Big huge fat thing, he was, thanks to the rats that lived in the sea of ivy in our front yard. I used to gross out my grade school classmates on Show and Tell day with paper baggies full of owl pellets.

I stumbled across this website today. A great index of owls, including corresponding soundbytes and images.

On our kitchen wall, we’re counting down the days until next hunting season with the help of this calendar, a fundraiser for Orphaned Wildlife (OWL) Rehabilitation Society for Birds of Prey (www.owlcanada.ca) – a non-profit, charitable organization and education facility.

Sadly, due to the Harry Potter phenomenon, owls have become quite the vogue pet in the UK, where one does not need a license to obtain a raptor of any sort. Silly parents who think Junior should have a cute snowy owl change their minds rather quickly upon realizing that owls are among the more cantankerous of birds of prey, require specialized training, have very sharp claws, live for about 20 years (if not neglected) and eat cute small woodland critters. For more on this, click here or here.

Owls aren’t widely used in falconry, though the guy who built my Meng perch has enthralled one forum with his adventures hunting a captive-raised Great Horned Owl (GHO) this past season. He works long daytime hours, and hunts at night–using some pretty ingenious, outside-the-box techniques to overcome the obvious challenges. Many falconers insist that owls make terrible hunting birds, but Nate has proven that it can be done, and done very, very, very well.

Not sure owl falconry is something I’d ever attempt, but I do love me those owls any….whooo.